Grassroots Guys Worth Copying

A new team has taken shape. And hopefully it won’t be the only one of its kind.

The “UP All-Stars” is a crew of 15-17 year old guys from around Halifax who’ve come together (thanks to Ms. Christine Buckley) to focus on basketball skill development. The All-Stars also engage in tutoring (Wed. nites from 5pm-7pm at Dixon Ctr.) and community building activities (bagging groceries, painting exterior walls of local establishments to freshen up neighborhoods) and fun cross-training activities (swimming, inline skating, pilates).

Perhaps best off all, this team does not travel and keeps its cost-to-play exceptionally low. Players are paying $50 to practice & scrimmage throughout the spring and early summer. For this investment players get access to a ton of great coaches (Shawn Mantley, Mookie Magloir, Tray Clayton & Malik States!), gyms, jerseys, & tutors.

Other teams sh/could spring up and copy what the UP All-Stars are doing in terms of basketball development, community growth, and personal development. Go for it! Please.