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David Napier

The Founder & host of Ultimate Pickup Basketball is David Napier, an experienced player and coach, who played varsity university basketball in Canada and England.  He holds Canada Basketball coaching certification, is a past-President of Martyrs (Hurricanes) Basketball Club, current President & Chairman of Basketball Nova Scotia.  He is a professional writer who is married with two children.


Devon Norris

The Lead Facilitator of UP Basketball is Devon Norris, a former member of the Halifax Rainmen pro team who starred at Dalhousie University.  Dev has been an Assistant Coach with the Mount Saint Vincent University men’s team, and the Auburn Drive High School girls’ team.  He is a strength and conditioning expert.  He works as a police officer with the Halifax Regional Police.

Youth Facilitators

UP Basketball engages “Hoopsters” as youth facilitators.  These local high school & university student-athletes assist with the running of safe, fun UP games.  In exchange for their service, Hoopsters become candidates for mentorship support through the “UPlifting” project, which connects young men and women of character with “Community Champions” who wish to help with academic, career and social support.