The UP Next Project (formerly "UPlifting") provides mentorship and employment opportunities to teenagers.  UPNP Project fosters productive relationships between local business people/"Community Champions" and young men & women of character.  UPNP is also collaborating with the hugely successful SHINE Academics tutoring program (www.shineacademics.com) hosted by Ms. Loran Morrison and her terrific team of tutors.  UPNP tries to identify students wishing to pursue the highest levels of education (including med school, law school, engineering, education, journalism) and connect them to professionals willing to assist with academic and career support. 

UP has a number of mentoring relationships underway and new connections are being made.  If you want to be part of UPNP, or know someone who could benefit from it, contact Dave Napier @ 902.999.2320. 

It makes good sense to pair up hard-working kids with mentors invested in helping them find opportunities. Its good for youth, and it provides adults with a clearer window into the lives, challenges and potential of some of our city’s finest young citizens.
— Mark Thompson