Life Coaches

I recall having decent coaches, good coaches and great coaches when I was young. I even recall a bad one or two.  They all had their impact on the young man I was, and the old man I would become.  And, here's the truly lovely part: to my recollection, none of these coaches ever got paid. They came to the gym, often in the dead of winter while their families waited at home, to put kids through drills and scrimmages, for the love of the sport - and for their love of kids. Coaching styles differed, but they had a common trait: they displayed love simply by showing up.  

As UP grows it is evolving.  Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised with the generous input from so many people, but I am.  It such a pleasant truth that in these Trumpian/me-first times we are living through that everyone I have called upon to help with UP basketball - and the UPlifting mentorship project - has come with no hesitation or complaint. They 'get' it.  They realize that a few well-intentioned people with a common goal can achieve a lot.  

UPlifting is taking off.  We have many great relationships underway and dozens of people queued up to help more young people. 

That said, we are taking it slow, realizing that many mentorship projects fail.  The reasons for this are tricky to figure out but I have my suspicions - and am working to avoid those pitfalls. I will keep you posted on our progress.

Meantime, here's one comment from one mentee who tells about a recent meeting with her mentor.  It's a comment that I find uplifting. I think you will to:

“…it was like having a therapist that was truly invested in my success”.