Provincial Pride

I have taken on a new role: President & Chairman of Basketball Nova Scotia. It’s a volunteer gig, and involves many other like-minded volunteers (dozens!) who support BNS’s staff of three smart and dedicated employees.  

These days tryouts are underway for the Provincial teams.  And while these teams will be picked soon, they won’t truly take shape until the spring.  The reason we select players early is because it gives us – Nova Scotia – a chance to pull our players together quickly, in the spring, for practices and development.  Other provinces wait until March, April of May to choose their squads.  We like to get it done early.  The results speak for themselves: our comparatively tiny province is coming home with national championships and launching players onto the NCAA and world stages with impressive frequency. 

So this is a shout out to all the brave and talented kids who have hit the gyms this past weekend, and will be there again next weekend, for putting themselves out there and leaving everything they have on the hardwood in the hopes of getting one of those coveted jerseys emblazoned with “Nova Scotia” across the chest.  

For those who make a team, congrats.  For those who fall short this time, take it as motivation to work hard and come back next year with a determination to dribble & d-up your dream into a very kool reality.  Go Scotia!