Who’s got next? You do.


UP is 3-on-3 pick-up basketball for boys & girls (ages 7-17) without refs or coaches.

Since 2013 UP has, on a non-profit basis, brought together young ballers from different neighborhoods for fun, call-your-own fouls games. Healthy snacks, guest speakers and access to tutors & mentors are included.

The purpose of UP is to bring kids together.

The goal of UP is give kids academic & career opportunities via sport.


***UP has partnered with St. George’s YouthNet for a Fall bball program! The kids (ages 7-11) start on Sept. 25th, with 3 Youth Facilitators helping to run games.

***Ck out the Basketball Diary / Ball Talk to read “Is Halifax the new Harlem?”

Here's the good-looking crew from the very first UP Game, in 2013: